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The Himalayan Company: Development Goals

Invent, build, integrate, scale and upgrade your applications with The Himalayan Company. From the foothills of Himalayas we have been harnessing digital technologies for the benefit of start-ups across a variety of industries. Fully in the art and science of software engineering, mobile application and digital marketing, we help you to build high-quality software solutions and products as well as deliver a wide range of related professional services.

What services are you looking for?

Custom app development, Start-up MVP prototyping, Business app development, Digital Nomad CEO pack, Business strategy are our domain of service.

 Software we develop?

Web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications.

Why The Himalayan Company? 

  • Professionals carrying experience in the relevant fields. 
  • Mature DevOps culture, deep background in containerized environments, app development, short gigs and continuous delivery (CD).
  • Many success stories (including projects for GLS Collective, Sunny and Saas,, Socpoc, The VJ, Audible Health AI).

Technologies we use:-

  We have a track of successful projects in various industries:-

We developed integrated solutions and provided IT consulting services for leading enterprises and start-ups around the globe in sectors such as manufacturing, health care, retail, entertainment. The software and mobile app use is dominating the entire world mass today so people having any relevant innovative and entrepreneurship ideas also need to have a user-friendly application to launch their ideas on a global domain.

Selected projects we worked on:-

  • The One. Family mobile application is developed by The Himalayan Company with recent technology advances. Developed in two phases both have contact sorting and video calling features availability simplifying millennials, midlife and senior citizen’s tasks.·
  • is a website for professional online training in multimedia courses. The Himalayan Company collaborated Python with Django framework for fixing UI and broken backend issues and improvising the old legacy code present. 

Practices for speeding up development :-

  • ·  Agile development
  • ·  Quality at every stage of the software development cycle

Build your business the no-hassle way

Hire vetted developers, designers and project managers

The Himalayan Company -/-

We are a collective based out of the foothills of the Himalayas. We aim to make software development a smooth operation for brands across the globe. Our approach makes it easier for small businesses and startups to get results faster and efficiently.


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