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Amazon Web Services – On-demand cloud computing platform

Amazon Web Services platform offers cloud computing services which are scalable, reliable, easy-to-use, flexible and cost-effective. It has been adopted globally as the most comprehensive cloud platform which offers over 150 full fledged services from the data centers established across the world. The services which are being offered range from infrastructure technologies such as storage…

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DevSecOps – Security along with Development

DevSecOps can be simplified into development, security and operations. The main objective behind DevSecOps is to be accountable for security with the implementation of development speed at the same scale.  Every organization working on DevOps framework should shift their working procedures towards DevSecOps infrastructure and bring professionals from all across the technology domains to create…

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Contemporary trends in Mobile App Development: Connect your business with cutting edge technologies The utilization of mobile apps has rapidly increased over the past years. With the arrival of new technologies and smartphones, a huge number of users are performing their day to day tasks like performing banking transactions, booking tickets, ordering their favourite food, listening to music etc. by using the mobile applications. With the huge…

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Business app development

Every business idea in today’s era requires a need for app development. Whenever someone begins an idea from scratch he research, and search for an app with unique value properties. The main thing remaining to decide is how to do it. Well, there are two options here, either develop the app in-house or hand it…

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