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Sunny and Saas is a Gls collective e-commerce affiliate committed for women empowerment. Development executed by The Himalayan Company.


Sunny and Saas approached us with the need of developing its outfit store into an ecommerce website with technology advances like wordpress furnishing innovative business capabilities.

Sunny and Saas is a part of the Gls collective founded with an idea fuelled by a mutual passion for empowering, supporting and elevating women to the various versions of themselves. The platform is created and collaborates on standards for efficient trade management.


The HImalayan Company developed the website from scratch on wordpress platform. The Sunny and Saas website inherits the wordpress features like dashboard which provides easy access to key areas of the admin interface. Latest wordpress features like various plugins, themes, media library functions etc are implemented in order to enhance user accessibilities.

The database feature of wordpress platform has been applied to hold various contents, providing visitors the option of building their own profile on the website and to maintaining their shopping carts. The admin has been granted full access to the website while the visitors can only view and manage their profile information. The customer support options such as contact us, Track your order, FAQs etc. are also available on the website for easy access.

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Enhanced Design

Support an always for new adaptable and trending User Interface

Test and Maintenance

Tools and processes building to support the infrastructure and improve automation for manual elements

Successful Development

Latest wordpress features like various plugins, themes, media library functions are Implemented.


Maintain accurate and up to date documentation on the current infrastructure and system support documents


We developed it by strategically combining the expertise, ingenuity and determination to make a real difference through technology advances like wordpress. The platform is created and collaborated with new best practice approaches and standards for timely accurate and efficient business management.

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We are a collective based out of the foothills of the Himalayas. We aim to make software development a smooth operation for brands across the globe. Our approach makes it easier for small businesses and startups to get results faster and efficiently.


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