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Start-Up MVP Prototyping: The single-shot target achievement

Prototypes and Minimum Viable Products (MVP) are the basics of the product development cycle. Whenever a product is developed with a lot of effort by putting in all the bells and whistles it is ensured that the desired results are not found to be completely wrong at the final stage and here comes the idea of developing anything way better if it would be pivoted halfway through.

What is a Prototype?

A prototype is the concept behind the product made into form. Instead of having an indistinct idea of what we want to ultimately build, we make something tactile.

Prototypes usually vary in size and required time and effort we put into them. It might be a simple idea on paper or it might be something more appropriate and interactive. The main benefit of a prototype is that it helps us to communicate with our design and engineering teams.

Different Types of Prototypes:

What is an MVP?

The meaning of MVP is Minimum Viable Product. It’s the bare minimum version of our product that still solves the problem for our customers. MVP is the version of a new product that allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with least effort.

Tips for Building a Prototype or MVP:-

  • Stay customer-focused
  • Stay data-driven
  • Just build the thing

The Himalayan Company process of MVP Prototyping is quite exciting since we release a wide scope for the MVP Prototype. Our representative with vast Start up experience sits with the client to understand the scope of the project and helps us to bring out the details on paper and document them. We work with the objective of Build, Edit and Ship to achieve it we run weekly sprints of build-edit-ship, where we code for 5 days, take client’s feedback and make desired edits. The team working on this arrangement has prior experience of building MVP’s for Start up ideas.

We follow an Interactive Product Release process for milestones, followed by feedback and bug fixing. We ship the product faster to validate features without wasting any time. Our priority is to fulfil the final benchmark of client support with relentless support to take feedback and issues and follow a defined process to serve our customers.

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