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Socpoc is a networking platform connecting people and companies for professional relationships. Designed by The Himalayan Company.


Socpoc is a networking platform committed to a mission of closing the wealth gap for minorities by connecting them to companies for real world professional relationships and improving diversity.

The core idea behind the creation of the platform was to build connections between particular communities so that they can connect and post jobs, content and anything which they want to publish on the public platform.


The Himalayan Company invested deep domain expertise strengths to develop the website from scratch with latest technology advances like MERN stack that extends platform capabilities. The website has been developed with a user friendly approach and the content pattern and its collaboration with the site design are very attractive and provides easy surfing.

The website has been developed with various technical features like options for posting and publishing is available so that everyone can put their thoughts on the platform.

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Enhanced Design

Support an always for new adaptable and trending User Interface

Test and Maintenance

Tools and processes building to support the infrastructure and improve automation for manual elements

Successful Development

Latest MERN stack features like Robust API, higher scalability, storage functions are implemented.


Maintain accurate and up to date documentation on the current infrastructure and system support documents


We have developed it in accordance to perform every public platform task as the website comes with all the details related to the options it provides for the various aspirants who visit the website like the job seekers and employees who are building connections for quality hiring. The site provides the personal profile section with the option of account creation so that every user can access the various features of the website as per their requirements.

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