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One.Family mobile application is developed by The Himalayan Company with recent technology advances. Development executed by The Himalayan Company.


One.Family mobile application is designed by The Himalayan Company for organizing millennial, midlife and senior citizen’s tasks. Developed in two phases with both having features like video calling availability and contact sorting into particular groups.

One.Family is a platform designed especially to organize the contacts into various groups, adding names, location and personal info to a contact


The Himalayan Company developed the application in a two phased manner of which both the phases are complete and the application is present on the play store. Both versions of the application have video and audio calling features available. The video calling feature on the second phase development has been developed in a more improvised manner.

Various group icons present on the main screen populate on touch for further engagement. We passionately invested 300 plus hours of mind-boggling effort in both phase development to deliver a highly innovative and user friendly application.

Enhanced Design

Support an always for new adaptable and trending User Interface

Test and Maintenance

Tools and processes building to support the infrastructure and improve automation for manual elements

Successful Development

Latest android features like attractive UI, multitasking, storage functions are implemented.


Maintain accurate and up to date documentation on the current infrastructure and system support documents


We have developed it with various features of android app development which are implemented by our developers to build the application with a legacy and error free approach. There are many one touch group icons made available on the application dashboard which populates on touch in order to get further more information related to them.

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