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Hire Laravel Web App Framework Engineers

Hire pre-vetted highly skilled Laravel Web Application Framework Engineers, who follow global standards of software development


What we Offer

Remote Developers

Hourly and Fixed cost

Pre-Vetted Teams

Customised Billing

industrial sectors

Hire Top Global Talent at Better Cost

Build scalable and detailed web applications based on complex business logic with Laravel Framework
Start from Scratch or enhance your business capabilities with our expert teams of vetted engineers

Future Ready

Data Intensive

Make best use of available data, build better business offerings and products. Build Predictive Engines and smart applications

Education Technology


K12 to Higher Education has transformed the way it is being delivered. Behavioural Education, as well as skill enhancement, are the booming industries of 21st century

single & multiplayer


Single and Multiplayer Games with leaderboards, financial interest and live commentary are garnering billions of dollars around the globe. Start a Gaming Company today

financial Technology


Platforms that make the financial transaction easy or manage your day-to-day payments have become very prevalant and the industry is bound to grow multifold

Enterprise grade


Applications to serve buisnesses carry on their day to day operations without interruption, securely and at high speed are need of the hour. Businesses need automation of their internal processes to scale up quickly

Personal and Enterprise


Healthcare is a booming industry with facilities reaching the masses. Smart Technical healthcare solutions help save lives, increase the standard of living with life expectancy

Build Your Platfrom

Let's analyze the scope of your work, set up milestones and get going. Our Engineers are pre-vetted and come with tonnes of industry experience with them

    Server Side

    Building Server Side platforms for fullstack apps

    Principles of Our Process


    Laravel is a free oensource PHP web framework, intended for development fo web apps following MVC architectural pattern.

    You can hire pre-vetted teams of engineers who have t5+ years of experience working on Laravel Web application development framework.

    Yes, We have a process built on principles of flexibility, ownership, continuous feedback, regular code commits and transparent communication.

    Our team consists of Full Stack developers with specialisation in Laravel Framework

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    Build your business the no-hassle way

    Hire vetted developers, designers and project managers

    The Himalayan Company -/-

    We are a collective based out of the foothills of the Himalayas. We aim to make software development a smooth operation for brands across the globe. Our approach makes it easier for small businesses and startups to get results faster and efficiently.


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