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Internet of Behaviours(IoB) : The Extension of IoT

Have you ever wondered how the advertisements have been following you as per your internet activities?

The internet of behaviour is an extended version of the Internet of Things(IoT). It is an interconnection of devices to provide a wide range of data sources. These data are collected by the companies by sharing the connected devices. The companies can link these internet devices to our laptop, car cameras or phone calls or texts to reveal more information related to our interests and dislikes. One of the major uses of this data by the companies include targeted advertising for marketing purposes. Let suppose the IoT as a tool for data collection  and information processing, the IoB then attempts to turn that information into knowledge.

The IOT links people with their behaviour whereas the IOB is specifically related to the behavioural insights. The IOB is basically constituting within itself a combination of three things:-

We can ultimately categorize behavioural science into four groups:

  • Emotions
  • Decisions
  • Augmentations¬†
  • Companionship

With the help of IOT the human action related information can be gathered and with the help of IOB the behavioural tendencies as per the course of the actions can be sorted out. There are many apps working on technologies based on IOT and IOB. Apps like the health app on our smartphones which can regulate our diet as per the meal we are taking.

The data is collected from countless locations where there is a possibility that the consumers may not even realize that from where they are being tracked. It can lead to a controversy that surrounds the intrusiveness of the data collected. The data collected may also come in the range of sensitive nature which can be a matter of huge concern. The trending smart watches which people wear can reveal data like heart rate which is a highly private information. The concern of cyber security also arises with the process of data collection. The companies are gathering data into their warehouses which are sensitive in nature. The hackers and cyber criminals can breach the data as an act of cyber fraud.

Currently The basic use of the IOT and IOB is taking place as an attempt to change our behaviour in order to achieve the desired target of purchase . Behaviour scientists and market researchers agree on a common point that personalization is a key to service effectiveness. The more perfect service provided to the customers, the more the customers will connect themselves with it which can ultimately change their behaviour towards the product.

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