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Intelligent Process Automation – Taking humankind to the space ages

Intelligent Process Automation refers to a broader shift in technology which is taking place in the present era. Automation is establishing new norms of intelligence by building driverless cars to autonomous drones, it is making the future technologies available today. It is changing our living and working standards in the form of voice assistants in our smartphones to automated tasks performed in the factories. Automation will play a key role in the digital transformation by affecting domains such as customers, infrastructure etc. The automation based services are being adopted by the organizations in order to manipulate their manual operations through automated processes.

How is it affecting today’s technological phenomenon?

The digital workplace is developing at a high pace and it shows no signs of slowing down. The next wave of digital transformation emerging is the rise of intelligent process automation, or IPA. It is basically bringing together artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) on a single platform in order to carry forward the business process to a higher level.

IPA is the outcome of merging of AI with RPA where AI converges with related technologies like computer vision, ML etc. With the availability of these technologies on a single platform comes the higher automation possibilities. It brings more business possibilities for the enterprises. Some of the basic IPA technologies include:-

  • The automated robots which function on fully automated processes which do not require any human interference.
  • The supervised and unsupervised learning mechanisms of the machine learning algorithms to find patterns in the structured and unstructured data.
  • The technologies used in chatbots in every website with the convergence of Natural Language processing tools. This allows a machine to interpret and manipulate the written or spoken words from a user.

Our approach with IPA:

The Himalayan Company is also implementing the Intelligent Process Automation in the software and platforms we build. The e-commerce platforms built by us also contain all the features related to the Intelligent Process Automation phenomenon. In the future also our team is working on different projects and domains which will contribute to the features of the IPA in client perspective.

There are limitless benefits of IPA:

IPA is evolving with a potential to become a transformational technology in future by offering numerous possibilities. These possibilities have the power of bringing great improvements in customer efficiency. In its futuristic approach, IPA will simplify the task of the organizations by automating more complex workflows. It will also perform adaptable tasks which carry many exceptions and work on unstructured data. The chatbots and voice commands options present on the e-commerce websites are actually changing the scope of business processes through online medium.

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