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Human Augmentation: Adding quality lifestyle to human world

Human augmentation are the technologies that enhance human productivity or efficiency . The modern advancements taking place in the field of IT have evolved a greater variety of technologies. Human augmentation is generally referenced as extreme, futuristic tech, but in reality many forms of human augmentation exist today. If implemented correctly it has the capability to improve human health, productivity and overall lifestyle.

What augmentation adds to human efficiency?

Human augmentation is referred to as “technologies that enhance human capability or productivity, which somehow add benefits for the human structure”. If something is augmented, then it must be so integrated into someone’s life that it acts as an extension of them. It’s always with us, augments our ability since we can grab information anytime through it. So for a technology to be categorized as an augmentation, it should be a persistent and intuitive part of the human way of life on a regular basis. A mechanical tool never elaborates our identity but the augmented things always do. Pacemakers, wearable devices, spectacles etc. fall under the category of augmentations.

Types of Human Augmentation:-

There are three main categories of human augmentation.

  • Curb human ability: Human augmentations restore or curb certain human abilities that can be replicated. This can include medical equipment like hearing aids for deaf, and artificial bones for disabled etc.
  • Amplify human ability: Those human augmentation which increases our ability to do something can be put under the category of supplementation. Under this category falls the devices which increase our strength, intelligence etc.   
  • Exceptional human ability: Human augmentations that allow us to perform supernatural phenomena can be categorized under the exceptional augmentation. The augmentations like breathing underwater and seeing infrared lights fall under this category.

We at the Himalayan Company are working with the latest technological trends in order to deeply evolve technology products. These technology further augments human ability. The products and software we develop are the crucial players in the technology market today. They act as a huge augmentation value for the clients. Our upcoming products are also based on the new technologies which are playing a key role in the present scenario in the development of human augmentative products.

Human-augmentation technologies also work with specific IT resources like big data analytics and mobile and cloud computing. These technologies include smart wearable devices such as smart watches which links a human structure to an external source of information like smartphones. The development advancements taking place in the field of robotics will enhance the human sensory experience to new heights in future. With the help of human augmentation the future generations will be stronger and more productive.

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