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Hire Perfect Teams for
Short Gigs

Build your business the no-hassle way.
Hire vetted developers, designers, marketing experts, content writers and project managers for short gigs
~ Short Gigs ~
Hire us
for Days, Weeks
or Months
See what you can get done in
managers – analysts – developers – designers – marketers – writers

Most Popular Services

Convert Business Logic into clean application with streams of revenue

Go To Market with an MVP of your idea the Lean Startup way

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs get skilled teams on-boarded quickly

Business Strategy

Strategic Consulting, Market Analysis and Cost Cutting Strategy for revenue maximisation

acclaimed designs

Hear from our Customer

Anuj and his team is a great technical and business advisor in digital marketing from end-to-end. He has helped us with our online marketing efforts and transformed our digital content, really made a change, we are very impressed with his expertise, we have been following his ideas from 2017 and all our clients love our digital presence because of him. Also, his technical expertise in marketing has helped us a lot with troubleshooting marketing problems We are very happy with his advisory and consultancy.

Alfonso Valdes, CEO ClickIT TechDevOps and Cloud Consulting Company 
Case Studies
 Build a unified platform for a multi-speciality Hospital
  • Build a unified platform for a multi-specialty Hospital in China
  • Host it on Alibaba Cloud Server
  • Migrate record of more than 10,000 patients
  • Build a Stock Management Facility for a drug stock of more than 5,000 items
  • User Management based on “Principle of least privilege”

Being an entrepreneur is hard, and I found a little late that marketing is the most important aspect of a business. So if you are not an expert in marketing them you should be getting some help. I found Anuj Sharma and he has been mentoring me for marketing with both my companies. If you need any help with marketing I vouch for him. #marketing #mentoring #soloprenuer #entreprenuer

app Development competency
Full Stack Development

Front-end Dev: HTML5 – CSS – JS
Back-end Dev: Laravel Framework, Node JS, Cake PHP, Core PHP

MEAN Stack Development

Front-end Dev: Angular.JS
Back-end Dev: Node JS, Express JS, Mongo DB(Database)

MERN Stack Development

Front-end Dev: REACT.JS
Back-end Dev: Node JS, Express JS, Mongo DB(Database)

Mobile Development

Android: Kotlin, Java
iOS: SWIFT (For iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS)
Hybrid Apps: React Native, Flutter

Striking frustration out of Business
  • Vetted professionals with relevant work experience
  • Dedicated Rep to get you what you paid for
  • Transparent Progress Reporting
  • Careful scoping and regular reporting
  • Pay as you go, hire for as short as 3 hours
  • Continue with a team for months without lock-ins

Outsourcing is painful
But it shouldn’t be

— The himalayan company
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We’re startup centric

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If you are sitting with a concept or a brainchild, you can request our free expert consultation. If you need tech advice, you can book a premium 3-hour consultation.

You own everything. The code, the content etc when you’ve paid in advance.

We normally set the scope of the development and freeze the work that needs to be done. You get a dedicated team to work on your product for 3 weeks/ months without any lock-ins and we complete the scope of work within the time limit.

Our Professional and Qualified Project Managers take care of your projects even if it a short gig.

Our Marketing experts are qualified in business and media management. They have years of startup and enterprise experience under their belts.

Build your business the no-hassle way

Hire vetted developers, designers and project managers

The Himalayan Company -/-

We are a collective based out of the foothills of the Himalayas. We aim to make software development a smooth operation for brands across the globe. Our approach makes it easier for small businesses and startups to get results faster and efficiently.


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