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E-commerce Development: A new hope in the pandemic

The easy access method of e-commerce has brought an evolution in the scenario of ease of doing business today. The availability of demands on the click of the fingers has brought a consideration in the customer mind of why to leave a house to buy a product. The ecommerce has shown its need and popularity in this pandemic period as well when there is a prohibition on going out of the house. Businesses also have huge benefits from e-commerce since both large and small organizations use e-commerce to reach the customers available on all parameters. The marketing and publicity of products is also an easy process through blogs, websites and different kinds of social media available.

E-commerce platforms development:-

The advancements of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Voice assistants, Chatbots etc. have played a vital role in e-commerce development. AI is allowing the businesses to reveal the customers trends and activity. This is related to a certain product which also guide them further in the marketing campaigns. The basic use of chatbots in the initial days were in the call centres. It has pivoted its spread in the e-commerce website applications in the recent past.

Almost all the ecommerce platforms have included the chatbots in their domain. Chatbots provide a variety of services and solutions to the customers in a live chat format. They have given an escape for the traditional call system for providing a solution to the customers. Voice recognition technologies are being widely adopted by the ecommerce websites. They are allowing the customers to use voice commands to find and purchase the products online. In the process of being successful e-commerce businesses will have to keep and update these technologies in order to capture a new wave of customers.

With the rise in internet access across all domains the popularity of ecommerce websites have skyrocketed for businesses. The online sales have doubled its value since 2015. The major role is of the technology and internet advancements taking place. We don’t buy products everyday, but we all use to browse for different products on various ecommerce platforms regularly. This helps the businesses to estimate the trends of customers of both domestic and international background. With a strategic sales and marketing plan where they can be converted into a genuine customer from a regular visitor.

E commerce service by The Himalayan Company:-

We at The Himalayan Company have worked on various projects related to ecommerce sites like the Gls collective ( and Sunny and Saas ( etc. and have implemented a huge range of customer centric e commerce facilities on the websites which helps the platform to sale their products in an efficient manner. The options like personal profile and FAQ’s are all available on the website to increase the sales.

As the internet users are expanding exponentially day by day there are a huge  number of internet users all over the world. People are giving priority to online shopping on various e-commerce platforms. The impact of e-commerce is affecting the market of all the developing countries. With the population like India and increase in internet users e-business is expanding day by day. The scope of ecommerce in India is really good in the upcoming time with trending online shopping platforms. Many sellers are joining the platforms like Amazon and Flipkart to increase their target customers for their business. The visitor traffic on these websites is in millions. This is an opportunity for the Indian sellers in order to generate more revenue.

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