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Digital Nomad : The travelling guide to knowledge

Digital Nomads technologists work from remote locations and use the latest technologies to perform their jobs by living in a nomadic lifestyle. They work through telecommunication rather than physically going to a company headquarters or office. The digital nomad trend has flourished due to several innovations coming into trend such as many content management software, access of cheap internet through WiFi, smartphones and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) to do contacts. The recent advancements taking place in the gig economy has also brought a considerable change in the Digital Nomad field.
Digital Nomads are usually the younger people and they work in various industries like marketing, tutoring, consulting etc. A huge domain of the digital nomads are basically covered by the telecommuters and freelancers. They are basically the people travelling abroad or domestically during work. Digital Nomads act as freelancers and have with themselves an accumulation of a variety of works and range of clients to make their living with a combination of jobs they are working on. They carry agreements with clients related to the amount of work they will work on.

The advantages and disadvantages related to these activities includes:- 

  1.  It provides freedom from traditional office settings but it can be expensive to travel on a regular basis. It provides opportunities to travel on a regular basis. This also has various difficulties since it will bring forward a challenge to work with the clients of different time zones. 
  2. Travelling can bring a unique work experience but can also isolate us from friends and family. So every coin has two aspects, the same is the case here.

Services like PayPal are popular among the digital nomads fraternity. The digital nomads basically use Skype, Zoom etc. as the communication tools for voice and video calls across long distances.

Digital Nomad service by The Himalayan Company:-

We at The Himalayan Company have actively participated in the new trend of Digital Nomad by providing a Digital Nomad pack for our clients. Here, our experienced representatives sit with our clients to understand the scope of the projects. It helps to bring out the details on paper and document them. Based on the document we discuss and set actionable items for the work needed. After rigorous discussions on the technical aspects the further plans are finalized .The clients are allowed to choose the duration of the gig best suited to their expectations and budget. Along with the planning we also follow the transparent process of measuring the progress in milestones, followed by feedback . We also provide relentless support to our clients to take their feedback and issues. We serve our clients in the best possible way.


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