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DevSecOps – Security along with Development

DevSecOps can be simplified into development, security and operations. The main objective behind DevSecOps is to be accountable for security with the implementation of development speed at the same scale.  Every organization working on DevOps framework should shift their working procedures towards DevSecOps infrastructure and bring professionals from all across the technology domains to create a higher level of security.

What is the idea behind DevSecOps?

The main motive behind the implementation of DevSecOps is from testing the developed products for security exploits to building a well established security service. Organization working on DevSecOps framework ensures that security is provided in applications built apart from applying security on the products afterwards. With the implementation of DevSecOps it is ensured that the security is present at every step of the product delivery cycle. With security implementation at every step an integrated approach is defined where the software is delivered faster.

DevSecOps workflow:-

The workflow of DevSecOps is simple in nature as the intensified automation throughout the product delivery cycle reduces the vulnerability of attacks. The organizations looking to implement DevOps into their framework should carry forward with the correct DevSecOps tools and processes. Firstly a developer creates a snippet within their domain of control management system after which some changes are committed. Then the testing of that particular snippet is carried out by another developer to identify bugs in the code and check code quality. The software product is then configured with the snippet and test automation is carried on in order to check security integration. When the product passes all the tests then it is released to the production environment. This production environment is monitored regularly to check for any security threats.

Benefits of DevSecOps:-

It has been introduced into the product development lifecycle to bring forward development, operations and security on one platform. Hackers are always in a search of affecting the products and systems with malware and viruses. If they succeed in affecting the product during its development phase and the developed product is distributed among the customers then it will lead to a huge setback for the reputation of the company. Thus considering security as an equal pillar along with development and operations is a must for any organization which is building and distributing products. When an organization integrates DevSecOps into their product development cycle, all its developers and network administrators have security in front of them as a key priority before deploying applications.

We at the Himalayan Company are also developing software products and web and android platforms by taking the consideration of DevSecOps idea behind our development cycle. This is because our developers regularly monitor the security threats which can cause the product to malfunction. This kind of rigorous monitoring is carried forward before releasing the product to the clients and the security is always kept on priority

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