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Cybersecurity: The need of the hour

The internet-connected systems such as hardware, software and data are vulnerable to cyberthreats like various kinds of malware attacks or hacking etc. Cybersecurity is the practice used by individuals and businesses to provide security to these systems and to protect against unwanted access to data servers and other internet devices. The term is gaining significance because of the dependence everyone has on the computer systems, the internet and wireless networks. Cybersecurity also has a lot of complexities in terms of politics and technology due to which there are many challenges in its implementation.

Why is it important?

The internet users and devices in this modern technocrat society are increasing continuously which holds an increased amount of data. A data breach may lead to harsh consequences for any organization such as the loss of critical data. The source files and intellectual property can hamper the company’s competitive advantage. The Cyber attackers have increased their volume and they are trying even more sophisticated ways of attacks. This is giving rise to these cyber threats more relatively. It is essential nowadays that organizations adopt and implement a strong cybersecurity approach.

Types of Cyber security:-

  • Network Security:- It prevents the threats from entering into the network by controlling the network traffic.
  • Cloud security:- It provides data protection which is used in cloud based applications.
  • Antivirus:– These are the applications used to detect the threats present in the computer systems.·     
  • Intrusion Detection Systems:- It works in order to identify potentially hostile cyber activity.

Maintaining effective cyber security:-

An effective cyber security can be maintained by implementing automation, machine learning and applying threat intelligence. The security architecture which allows the organizations to remain safe from sophisticated cyberattacks. With the help of machine learning algorithms varieties of known threats can be identified accurately and even the next steps of an attack can be predicted easily. Organizations should maintain an integrated security platform designed to provide consistent service environments.

We at The Himalayan Company are utilizing the various concepts of cyber security in order to provide a secure and integrated solution to our clients. The technologies which we are using like WordPress for web development incorporates within itself the best approaches. This ultimately leads to best web development solutions. The features like secure hosting, strong passwords, secure plugins are incorporated by us in order to perform the best cyber security solutions. We also incorporate the best cyber security approaches in all the other services. The technologies we offer in order to provide the best client solutions.

The breaches are rapidly increasing apart from all kinds of security spending. There is more need to plan in order to prevent potential risks like drafting a sketch to determine how a business project will react when subjected to any cyber risk and what actions should be taken to reduce the risks. There is also the need to embrace more use of artificial intelligence to deal with security issues.

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