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Contemporary trends in Mobile App Development: Connect your business with cutting edge technologies

The utilization of mobile apps has rapidly increased over the past years. With the arrival of new technologies and smartphones, a huge number of users are performing their day to day tasks like performing banking transactions, booking tickets, ordering their favourite food, listening to music etc. by using the mobile applications. With the huge effect of technologies in our life our world has become a digital sphere where we can be in touch with friends across boundaries. As the development is going on in the mobile app development field mobile apps are increasing in the market and enabling us to perform difficult tasks in a quick and easy manner.

With the increase in demand for apps providing more functionality there is a widespread interest in mobile app development among freelance developers and start ups. Here are a few interesting mobile app development technologies for 2021 that mobile app developers can look after.

Android App Development

The applications for the devices using the Android operating system as a platform for their execution are developed by Android software development. Google states that “Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages” using the Android software development kit, while using other languages is also possible.

We develop the applications with various features of android app development which are implemented by our developers to build the application with a legacy and error free approach. There are many one touch group icons made available on the application dashboard which populates on touch in order to get further more information related to them. Our enterprise development capabilities are expanding! The strategic development further strengthens our combined ability to deliver a complete range of strategy, implementation and technology services to serve our global client base.


Kotlin is a general-purpose, statically typed, cross-platform, programming language with type inference. It is developed to fully incorporate the JVM version of Kotlin as well as Java class libraries. Its syntax is very crisp. It also helps in the compilation of JavaScript in the development of native iOS apps having shareable business logic with android apps. 


Cordova helps us build our web applications within native WebView. A WebView is a component of an application that helps in showing the web contents in native applications. We can consider web views as those browsers which do not have any UI like URL or status bar. The applications running in this browser behaves like other applications which get executed in other normal mobile browsers. This type of application developed can also be categorized into hybrid application.

iOS Development

iOS development is performed for developing mobile apps for Apple hardware, like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The software is developed in Objective-C or Swift programming language and is made available on the App Store for customers to download. The Himalayan Companies experienced iOS development executor’s guide clients at every single step, and brought forward the solution guide from design to delivery and finally maintenance.


Swift is an instinctive and influential coding language for iOS, iPadOS and watchOS. Programming in Swift is interesting, the syntax available is crisp but eloquent. The Swift code is secure by architecture, and helps in the development of fast applications. Swift has been developed by the combination of long experience in the development of Apple platforms with current research work going on the trending languages.

Hybrid apps


Flutter is an open source framework for developing better caliber, well geared mobile apps across a variety of mobile operating systems – Android and iOS. It brings forward an uncomplicated, strong, effective and smooth SDK to develop applications in Google’s own language, Dart. It allows building applications for mobile, desktop, and web use. Flutter applies the Dart programming language and is completely free and open-source.

React native

React Native is an open-source UI software framework created by the social networking platform Facebook, Inc. This is used to build mobile applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS , by allowing application builders to use the native platform competence along with React framework. This is also being used to build virtual reality mobile applications at Oculus. It is a JavaScript framework for developing a variety of native mobile apps. It uses the React framework and offers a huge number of inbuilt development components and APIs.


Mobile app development is continuously changing. If we are developing applications using the technologies from two or three years ago, we will not be able to stay competitive. Mobile app development industry can boost or drop the success of our project. As a mobile app development service provider we can consider 2021 mobile app trends like a rulebook following which we can achieve an edge in our space. All the mobile app developers in our team should understand the ongoing trends in mobile app development  and incorporate them into their development cycle. We cannot implement all the ongoing trends in a single app being developed but having a general understanding of the latest technological trends can help us adapt accordingly.

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