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Business app development

Every business idea in today’s era requires a need for app development. Whenever someone begins an idea from scratch he research, and search for an app with unique value properties. The main thing remaining to decide is how to do it. Well, there are two options here, either develop the app in-house or hand it over to a third-party developer.  We at the Himalayan Company provide the best short gig approach to develop the business app required.

The increasing popularity of smartphones has witnessed a boom in the business app development domain. According to various reports, the total revenue generated by this industry will reach $935.2 billion by 2023. Above that, around 1.56 billion units of smartphones are sold every year.  This means that the mobile app development industry will take new heights at an alarming rate in the coming years. The increase in customer base and adoption of hand-held devices substantiate the rising demand explosion for mobile apps worldwide.

Hiring a full team of developers may prove expensive in the long run. An in-house team also offers limited experience when compared to third-party developers. An app development company will have more expertise when it comes to using the latest technological stacks.

Our Business App Development approach:

We at The Himalayan Company provide experienced representatives who sit with the clients to understand the scope of the project.  The client sets the deadline of the work to be finished and at first we get the documents related to the raw idea.  Based on the idea, we discuss and set actionable items for the work needed. The clients are free to pick up the desired duration of the short gig best suited to their expectations and budget.

Almost all the businesses understands that keeping an external vendor for the app development is a wiser choice. But, before we make that decision, it is very essential for us to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the outsourcing developers.

Common Pitfalls to avoid while outsourcing app development:-

  • Choose a reputable agency
  • Choose the right platform for the app.
  • Estimate the correct timeline to avoid the stress of deadlines
  • Have clarity in the expectations

Our workforce is filled with sprints of agile development and we follow a transparent process of measuring the progress in milestones, followed by feedback and bug fixing. In this complete process of business app development we build, fix and ship the application without wasting any time of the clients. Last but not the least coming on to the support bench for the client satisfaction we are available to take feedback and issues and we follow a defined process to serve our customers.

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